Marriage and Family

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Marriage & Family

Course Syllabus

God's Creation of Marriage

Damaging Influences on the Home

Introductory Lecture

Humanist Manifesto I

Humanist Manifesto II

Humanist Manifesto II

Lectures on Dating and Marriage

Mate Selection

Choosing a Mate by Making a List

The Wedding Ceremony and Honeymoon

Top Ten Myths of Marriage

Lectures on the Roles of Husbands and Wives

Submitting to One Another

Dividing Household Tasks

The Roles of Husbands and Wives

Lectures on Communication


Assessment of Communication in Marriage

Roadblocks to Communication

Using "I" Messages

Little Ways to Communicate

Conversation Tips

Communication Loop

Lectures on Conflict Resolution

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Signs of Domestic Violence

When Your Anger is a Problem

Planning for Conflict

The Good and Bad of Anger

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Worksheet

Rules of Conflict

Lectures on Sexuality

The Sexual Response Pattern

Human Sexuality

Differences in Men and Women

Tips for Good Sex in Marriage

Lectures on Family Finances

Treatment Planning and Action Steps Against Workaholism

Are You Stressed?

Getting Rid of Stress

Assessment Interview and Workaholism

The Importance of Communication in Learning to Manage Money

Money Talk Tips

Symptom Assessment and Family Time

Lectures on In-Laws

Managing In-Laws

The Stereotypical In-Law

Positive Approach to In-Laws

Treatment Planning and Action Steps for Extended Family

What if my In-Laws Don't Like Me?

Lectures on Divorce

Your Chances of Divorce

Top Ten Myths of Divorce

Assessment Interview and Divorce Proofing

Biblical and Spiritual Insights into Divorce Proofing

Treatment Planning and Divorce Proofing

Sources of Stress in Divorce

Adjusting to Divorce

Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Marriage and Divorce Statistics

Lectures on Remarriage

Strategies for Stepparenting

Tips for Coparenting

Lectures on Parenting

Tips for Dads

Character Education

Fatherhood in Adolescence

Staying Involved in Your Teen's Life

Causes of Child Abuse

Tips for New Parents

Marriage and Family

Families face multiple challenges in the modern world. Society tells families that there is no need to work through difficulties. Television, public schools, and peers make raising children perilous. Those who rightfully enter into a second marriage face even more challenges.

However, families have always faced multiple challenges. It was Eve who convinced Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden. Adam and Eve become the first couple in the long history of mankind to suffer the loss of a child when Cain slew Abel. Jacob induced great jealousy by giving Joseph a coat of many colors.

God, knowing quite well the perils facing the family he ordained, provided solid instruction for the family. On these pages, you will find multiple resources to help your family strive to live according to God's design.